Forbiddenokay… I am completely baffled by this “disease” of compulsive overeating. I am going to try now yet another creative approach to understanding, combatting and working with this process.
1. to document my process on this blog

2. over the next few months……withdraw certain foods from my diet that are posing problems for me.

I am very much interested in learning about the bible. I often draw from and get ideas and inspiration from certain passages. Genesis in particular I find facinating. In the beginning. I guess thats a good place to start. I find myself trying to understand my process through the stories in the bible.

The idea of Forbidden Fruit seems to be making a big impact on me lately. I drew a picture last night of a tree. As time progresses I will add on my tree particular foods (symbolized by fruit) that I will remove from my diet. Last night I added my 1st forbidden fruit.
Fried foods such as french fries, deep fried foods and battered stuff.
Yesterday I was out for lunch and had Sushi. I ordered a lunch box….tempera was not allow. It is my first “forbidden fruit”. I felt sad for a moment. Actually right now I am feeling a little sad about removing this type of food from my diet. One day at a time I might add. This keeps me in the present moment and focused on today.

 October 28th, 2006

The second forbidden fruit I have added to my tree is chocolate bars, candy, chips and junk food.  I feel okay about that decision so far.  I can still have desserts though!

November 4th, 2006

I’ve done well with the drinking of water.  I imagine drinking in Love and Gratitude as a drink the water.  I haven’t added any other forbidden fruit on my “tree of life”.  I have been faithful to my commitments so far.  I am “thinking” about putting store bought, cafe bought muffins on the tree.  They seem more like cupcakes anyway.  If I want a muffin…….I will have to bake them.   I’ll ponder on that for a while.


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